Speak to me listen to me

‘Powerful, eye-opening and original.’
Francesca Martinez

‘Incredibly thought provoking. It powerfully challenges the watcher to address their own misconceptions about people different from themselves.’
Baroness Campbell

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‘I really enjoyed it. It’s quite upfront and in your face which I like a lot. And the premise is great!’
Lee Ridley – Lost Voice Guy

About the film

Katerina’s first film as writer and director, Speak to me listen to me is an angry film. It’s a deliberate provocation, challenging people’s complacency about their own impact on disabled people. The title is the answer to the question disabled people hear so often: “What can I do?”


Jay – Ed Clements

Lou – Imogen Roberts

Kate – Kate Caryer


The film explores people’s response to disability and how it can create barriers for disabled people; the central image of the film is that of a disabled person being imprisoned by other people’s fear of their disability, and being released by understanding.


Writer Director Katerina Holmes
Producer Dominique Unsworth
Cinematographer Leigh Alner
Film Editor Euan Donaldson      
Art Director Mel Wignall  
Costume and Makeup Sandra Borszcz      
Sound Department Adam Hurley       

Produced by Resource Productions.

Resource were the production partner for this project. They provided invaluable administrative support and encouragement throughout. They work very hard to make the film industry accessible to all.

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