About Ignite Arts

Ignite Arts is a new arts organisation intended to provoke and unsettle. I want to make people think about disability in a different way. 

Ignite Arts was set up in 2020 by Katerina (Kitty) Holmes.  Kitty is a young artist (writer, photographer and film maker) who has cerebral palsy.  Kitty uses her art to express her thoughts, feelings and frustrations with the world through the eyes of someone living with a disability. Her work challenges the pre-conceptions of the mainstream world, urging people to think about their attitudes and the impact they may have on those who are living with a disability.

I want to open disability up to everybody. Disability is not just an issue for disabled people. It’s for everybody to think about the things they do and say and how they impact on other people. It is society that makes people like me disabled and society is all of us, so we all need to play a part.